Safestore solve our storage headache

Bowel & Cancer Research is delighted to announce that Safestore Ltd has very generously donated a 50ft storage unit to us.

This storage unit was much-needed and has made a huge difference to our working environment.

We have been able to move all of our fundraising equipment out of the office and safely in storage.

Not only has this made the office a much safer environment to work in but it has also freed up valuable room for our staff to operate in.

A generous donation

“Whilst we’re based at the National Centre for Bowel Research in Whitechapel, our office is small and packed to the hilt,” said fundraising executive Richard Symonds.

“We need space for our charity banners and posters, collection tins, t-shirts and marketing material.

The storage space at New Cross is a godsend. However tidy we are, we can’t cram a pint into a pint pot.

The company has 40 centres across London and its staff have been hugely helpful.

Thanks to this generous donation from Safestore, we have been able to redirect what we would have had to spend on storage space in a particularly expensive area of London, to funding vital medical research.

Thank you, Safestore New Cross, for your very kind and generous donation.