Coronavirus update:

Please note, most People and Research Together research projects have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. Click here to read PPI Lead, Lesley Booth's update.

Why should I join People and Research Together?

People with experience of a bowel condition, service users and members of the public can all help to improve research into bowel disease and bowel cancer.

We are developing a nationwide network of individuals from all walks of life who share an interest in bowel disease and who are willing to be involved in planning, developing and participating in bowel research studies.

To be involved you do not need to be a patient or have any medical knowledge but you do need to be enthusiastic about helping tackle some of the most serious and distressing diseases affecting the bowel.

Nigel Horwood, Patient Lead Motilent

"Taking on the role as Patient Lead was one of my highlights of last year. It has proved very stimulating to work with a start-up project that will provide better diagnosis tools for bowel conditions. I act as the link between the patient panel and the project. We are a group of patients from around the country with IBD as the common link. As Patient Lead I act as the link with the project team and the patients that will eventually be monitored by the new tools. It enables me to provide feedback, in both directions, on the project objectives, progress and patient concerns."

How do I join People and Research Together?

You can participate simply by joining in with online consultations on research ideas and reading and commenting on materials for patients in trials. If you are interested in how research studies happen, then you can join advisory groups for trials, and even sit on Trial Steering Groups.

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you, all you have to do to get started is to complete our short form and we will be in touch.

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Lesley Booth MBE, Lead - Patient & Public Involvement in Research

“It is said that research is formulised curiosity. It is investigating and exploring new knowledge with a purpose. And it is the public that gives research that purpose- research into bowel disease and cancer cannot be delivered without the involvement of patients and the public. My role is to ensure that our PPI objectives are delivered in recognition that such objectives underpin all the work that we do. Patients and public always offer unique and invaluable insights so that bowel research is enriched by involving those that it aims to help”.

Lesley Booth, Patient and Public Involvement Lead

Whether you are a researcher who wishes to involve members of the public in your research; or you are someone who would like to get involved you can find support and advice from Lesley Booth.

What will I be involved in?

Basic Consultation If you have a particular health problem or issue and wish to feed into surveys, questionnaires and consultations. We will only contact you via email.
Research study participants If you are interested in taking part in specific studies or trials. This will involve taking part in upto 2 specific research projects where you could comment on trial design, acceptability of proposition and accessibility of documentation. You will be expected to attend some meetings (reasonable travel costs will be met).
Managing a trial If you have a general interest in commenting on strategic bowel research then you could become involved in a major research project or clinical trial. This would involve inclusion on the project steering committee and regular meetings during the life of the project (reasonable travel costs will be met), and keeping up-to date with the project paperwork. 

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