We aim to make it easier for researchers to involve people in their research studies. Public involvement in your research will have the following benefits:

  • Improved chances of funding success
  • Enhanced study design and recruitment
  • Relevant research that has an impact

We believe that researchers benefit from public involvement in research because the process helps them to pinpoint what is important to people with a particular bowel condition, and helps with vital understanding about what it feels like to have a serious bowel condition or to be part of the care support system for those living with such conditions.

Public involvement in your research means that it will be of a higher quality and will help you attract more respondents willing to take part. It is increasingly recognised that by involving members of the public this will increase the chances of obtaining funding and therefore making a real impact on the lives of the people your research is aiming to improve.  

Our PaRT network is valuable to you because it gives access to an unbiased population that is independent, so can input into your research project as a critical friend, rather than being in the position of a grateful patient. The dynamic is vastly different.

Our PaRT network can connect researchers to people willing to participate in a variety of roles:

Basic consultation Panels of people with experience of bowel disease, carers, and people who are interested in bowel disease can be facilitated quickly and easily to feed into surveys, questionnaires and initial consultations.
Trial designs These are members of the public (with or without a specific bowel health condition or interest) who are willing to consult on trial design, comment on documents at home or help with recruitment or disseminating the results of research studies.
Managing a Trial We can alert individual Network members who have told us they want to participate in research and would be happy to sit on the project steering committee and attend regular meetings for the life of the project.

We aim to support and guide researchers on planning and conducting appropriate and meaningful public involvement activities. To help researchers we will:

  • Help with good practice guidance for involving service users – at all stages of the research process
  • Help with funding applications, plain English summaries and ‘patient friendly’ documents
  • Help and advice on accessing the right patients and public for a unique research project
  • Provide links with service users, patient groups and other relevant partners
Lesley Booth MBE, Lead - Patient & Public Involvement in Research

“It is said that research is formulised curiosity. It is investigating and exploring new knowledge with a purpose. And it is the public that gives research that purpose- research into bowel disease and cancer cannot be delivered without the involvement of patients and the public. My role is to ensure that our PPI objectives are delivered in recognition that such objectives underpin all the work that we do. Patients and public always offer unique and invaluable insights so that bowel research is enriched by involving those that it aims to help”.

Lesley Booth, Patient and Public Involvement Lead

If you are a researcher who wishes to involve members of the public in your research, you can find support and advice from Lesley Booth.