More than 41,000 people a year are diagnosed with bowel cancer, that’s someone every half an hour. 1 in 17 of us will develop bowel cancer within our lifetime.

We need better diagnosis and treatment of bowel cancer – supporting talented young researchers like Hannah holds the key to beating bowel cancer and saving lives.

The final year of my PhD is approaching and I’m making good progress. The kit I need this year will cost £4,200, that’s about £81 per week. Can you help me and make a donation to my lab? Together we can save lives. Thank you.

Hannah is a PhD student funded by Bowel & Cancer Research. We invest in new talent like Hannah to boost our research power in years to come and tackle bowel cancer and other bowel diseases head on.

Our vision is that “No-one should die of bowel cancer or have to live with chronic bowel disease”. Talented researchers like Hannah will help make this happen.

Hannah is researching a particular gene, known as Adenomatous Polyposis Coli (APC). It’s an important piece of the bowel cancer puzzle because it is very common, occurring in over 80% of people who develop bowel cancer without a genetic family link.  

APC is also responsible for the inherited form of bowel cancer called Familial Adenomatous Polyposis, (FAP).

Want to know more?

Find out how Hannah is targeting bowel cancers with APC gene mutation to save lives. Read her research project in full.