Paul Thomas My incredible wife, Lucy Thomas, died on 27 April 2017 at the young age of 37 from a rare form of bowel and liver cancer having being diagnosed only 7 months earlier. She left behind not only a devastated and heart broken husband but also two beautiful and very young children, Oscar (now 4) and Emilia (nearly 3). Lucy was a fighter and so determined to beat the cancer in side her. In her memory, and as a way of hoping to create some good out of the devastating loss of my wife, I will be running the London Marathon on April 22 this year for Lucy's charity. The date falls just five days short of the anniversary of Lucy's death and so will give me extra motivation to complete the course. This is no easy challenge. This is the furthest that I will ever have run and I am aiming to do it in under 4 hours!

Training has been incredibly tough, fitting in time to be with my children and taking care of everything at home, as well as holding down a career at Marriott. Plus the training in the miserable English weather over the winter. I've been incredibly lucky to have the support of my family and Lucy's family and friends who have taken care of my duties at home, allowing me to put the miles in.

It is my hope that by completing the marathon I will raise awareness of Lucy's rare form of cancer that led to her death, BRAF Mutation Colorectal cancer, and through my efforts raise important funds for Lucy's charity where Lucy's family and I get to decide how they are spent. We hope to fund research to work towards finding a cure so that others don't die from this cruel disease.

Please help in anyway that you can. We CAN make a difference.

Thank you

Paul Paul Thomas