Liam Cawtheray Thankyou for visiting my fundraising page - I am delighted that I have been chosen to run for this charity on behalf of my Uncle Andy who unfortunately just over a couple of years ago we lost to bowel cancer.

Those of you that know me will know that Andy was a huge influence on mine, Lewis and Harvey's life! My family and the Hallas family have grown up together since day one - so he really was more like a father figure to us all. All the holidays/weekends away/birthdays together will live in our memories forever and these were mainly from Andy...just being Andy! I have so many stories I could share with you all about this man but I wont take up too much of your time.I just want you all to know he was the most charismatic, fun, amazing, just an all round brilliant guy and I can't express into words how much I miss him...we all do!

So I hope I will be doing him proud and that he'll be smiling down on April 26th when I cross the finish line and raise a beer celebrating his life.

Cheers Uncle Andy (my best mate) as he used to say! x

-- on a side note as I may aswell make the most of this as I probably wont be doing anything like this again I just want to say that I would also like to dedicate this run to my Uncle Kevin, Auntie Jo (Andy's wife) who we have also lost to this cruel disease aswell as my stepdad John who is currently enduring a long battle with prostate cancer - this is for you all! Liam Cawtheray