Ian Prideaux I started cycling about 15 years ago (I am now 60), initially just as a quicker and more pleasant way to commute to work. I then gradually branched out into riding in events and for fun at weekends. I have now done the London – Brighton run about ten times and in both 2012 and 2014 I cycled from London to Paris in aid of the Royal British Legion. The next thing to catch my eye was the Prudential London Ride 100 which I have taken part in for each of the last three years (2015-2017). I have also done a couple of Round the Isle of Wight rides.

I can honestly say I have enjoyed all of these events. The camaraderie, sense of freedom, the exercise one is getting and the speed all add to the experience, notwithstanding the hill ascents get tougher with age.

LEJOG will be the big one. The daily distances will be somewhere between a London-Paris day and a Prudential 100 day, which were fine, but can I put together 12 of them in succession? It will be a physical challenge but the opportunity to see parts of the country I have never seen and the sense of achievement in having cycled the whole length of the UK will make it all worthwhile….I hope!

Along with Bowel & Cancer Research, Ian is supporting another cause close to his heart, The Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre. Any donations made to his page will be split 50-50 between the 2 charities.*

The Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC) will be one of the world’s best clinical rehabilitation centres.  Clinical rehab is about getting people back to fitness, back to mobility and back to work after serious trauma injury.  The DNRC will provide the very best possible care for members of the armed forces but there is also the real potential for the expertise which resides in Defence to benefit the country’s civilian population.  What is in prospect is the first ever specialist rehab facility being nearby on the estate, sharing the Defence facilities and enabling training and education of civilian staff in this field of medicine which could have a significant long term effect on rehabilitation across the country.
Charity number: 1141934 

*Funds raised will be divided after the costs of processing have been taken into account. Ian Prideaux