Germaine Hitchins On 10 March 2019, I will be taking part in the Engadin Cross Country Ski Marathon in Switzerland - the oldest cross country ski marathon in the world, over a distance of 43km. This is an ambitious challenge for me as I am very much a novice Cross Country skier! To date I have had about a dozen lessons, so it will be about completing it rather than achieving a fast time!
Unfortunately, Gloucestershire is generally not blessed with much snow on which to train - so most of my training is carried out in the gym which is very different to the glorious mountains and scenery in the Engadine Valley! I am putting in the hours on the machines (treadmill and cross-trainer) as well as plenty of resistance work. 
I am undertaking this challenge to fundraise for Bowel & Cancer Research (registered charity 1119105) - a charitable organisation of which my husband, Jeremy is a Trustee. 
ALL monies raised will go to the charity.  I am, of course, meeting all my own expenses.
If you would like to make a donation to the charity, in support of my challenge, it would be very much appreciated. Germaine Hitchins