Aya Gharbawi

“Giving is the greatest act of grace”

One of the most beautiful acts of kindness is doing something selflessly for another person – whether it directly impacts you or not. Everyone suffers a pain that we might not understand.

So, why fundraise for Bowel & Cancer research?

As a cancer that is so difficult to pinpoint and one that is amongst the top cancer's, it becomes extremely upsetting to know that it has very poor prognosis. To put this into perspective there are around 41,000 new cases in the UK annually (1/5th of all diagnoses) in which more than 50% of patients die and a survival rate of under 10% in 5 years. That for me needs our attention.

I no longer want to have this perception that ‘someone will take care of it’ or ‘money is already being fundraised’ – because it isn’t true. Every problem deserves and requires are constant attention and desire to actually act instead of ‘hope’.

This is my first cancer research fundraising page and I hope to make it an annual activitity – to tackle a different problem every year.

My aim is to fundraise money to increase the survival rate of 10% and provide people with the opportunity to live.

William James once wrote, “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” There’s a point in life where everyone should decide it’s time to change for the better. It’s time to realize that selfishness should not overcome who we could be, and that we should help others who are in need. Thinking about making a difference doesn’t have the same effect as making a difference. Everyone could make a difference.

So, on my end if I am able to reach my £6,000 target I will overcome a major fear of mine and go sky diving – by choice. These individuals live in fear everyday but are brave enough to smile everyday too – so we should support in braveness too.

I hope you help me reach my goal to make their smiles worthier as they deserve it!

Total to date: Nov 23, 2017 - £2,450
Upcoming events: 2 bake sales

Lots of love,
Aya xxxx

Aya Gharbawi