My role is to keep the dialogue between researchers and patients going. If you've just had a diagnosis it's easy to terrify oneself with a little ill informed research online. But it doesn't need to be like that. Today research into bowel disease is progressing at a great pace, and there are lots of positive stories to tell. But we can always do more. And we can always be better.

After a twenty year career working for the Centre of Lifelong Learning at the University of York I've reached the peak of my career as part of Bowel & Cancer Research.

We'll all know someone who suffers terribly through bowel disease or has been frightened by a cancer diagnosis.  We're working with patients, academics, health professionals and researchers as much as possible to influence more positive outcomes. And take away the fear. 

One of the most valuable parts of my role is to help researchers see the world through the eyes of a patient, through meaningful involvement opportunities. This makes for better outcomes for the patient and the research professionals. In fact for us all. 

The more we engage the better we understand.