Carrying weight around the middle and other lifestyle factors have long been known to increase your risk of developing bowel cancer. Changes to lifestyle are often one of the first recommendations made to help with symptoms of IBD and IBS.

Just small simple steps can get you moving and feeling good, so we hope this page provides inspiration for anyone looking to make the changes that can help you to reduce your bowel cancer risk and help you feel better.

What’s the latest research into exercise and gut health?

A study published in the Lancet in July 2016, suggests modern sedentary lifestyles – such as sitting all day in the office – are posing as great a threat to public health as smoking, and causing more deaths than obesity. The researchers found that a typical modern lifestyle of office work and watching TV was severely damaging to health.

In fact the research suggests that sitting for at least eight hours a day could increase the risk of premature death by up to 60%.

Lead scientist, Professor Ulf Ekelund of Cambridge University and the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, confirms the notion that even short burst are useful. He said

“Even one hour of exercise a day can have drastic health benefits. For example brisk walking or cycling eliminates the association between sitting time and death. You don’t need to do sport, you don’t need to go to the gym, it’s OK doing some brisk walking maybe in the morning, during your lunchtime, after dinner in the evening. You can split it up over the day but you need to do at least one hour”

With mounting research linking exercise to health benefits, let’s get moving!