Armitage Thanks

Armitage ThanksIn celebration of the 200th anniversary of iconic British bathroom brand Armitage Shanks, parent company Ideal Standard has launched a campaign to raise £200,000 for charity by the end of its bicentenary year, 2017. Forty per cent of the cash raised from 2015 to the end of 2017 will be donated to Bowel & Cancer Research, chosen in a staff vote.

 “Since the early years of the 19th century, Armitage Shanks products have been used, seen and welcomed by everyone from paupers to pop stars, in everywhere from pubs and palaces to major sporting stadiums and motorway service stations.

The bicentenary is truly an historic milestone for us and we are very proud, so we are going to mark it by saying a big ‘Armitage Thanks’ for supporting us over the last 200 years. 

“Our aim is to help raise money to fund research into devastating diseases nationally, along with supporting our local communities and working with schools to educate and inspire future generations.”

Keith Boad, Managing Director of Ideal Standard UK, the parent company of Armitage Shanks

Mount Street

Mount Street brings a fresh approach to the real estate European loan servicing sector.

After Mount Street Managing Partner Paul Lloyd, heard the news that the husband of  one of our fundraisers had died of bowel cancer at the just 29, he decided to choose Bowel & Cancer Research as a charity partner, donating £1,000 to the charity at the end of 2014. We look forward to the opportunity to work with Mount Street in the future and thank them for their support.

Payroll Giving

We've worked with a lot of companies over the last few years to instigate Payroll Giving, or Give As You Earn, in their workplace. Give As You Earn donations are, as the name suggests, processed by your company’s payroll department when your salary is paid. When you give and how much you give is up to you, and you can stop at any time. It's an easy way for an employee to support a cause and ensures their donations are maximised. HMRC gives the portion of pay that it would have taken in tax. This means that for every £1 pledged, it costs 80p at 20% and 60p at 40% tax rates.

Bowel & Cancer Research is supported by specialist payroll giving organisations. These organisations, promote our work within companies, recruit donors who would like to give to us, and administer all our donations.

You can register to give via your pay online through our partner Payroll Giving in Action. If you’d like to find out more about how we can promote giving to Bowel & Cancer Research at your workplace, contact Alex.