We have national reach and are able to forge positive corporate partnerships all over the UK. We deal with issues that affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, among whom are your customers, suppliers and staff.

Partnering with Bowel & Cancer Research will deliver a strong sense of community for your employees and supporting our charity will unite them under an important cause.

We are imaginative, professional and forward looking. We source the best research across the UK to invest in, and will enhance your own business objectives.

A partnership for your employees

Workplace collections are always are a great opportunity for employees to get involved

We can provide information and advice on bowel issues

We deal with conditions that affect a wide spread proportion of the population, yet bowel conditions are rarely spoken about publicly due to sensitivities surrounding bowels. We have found various members of the general public approach us directly with questions about symptoms and conditions. Partnering with Bowel & Cancer Research gives your employees a direct point of contact for any queries.

Fundraising challenges to get staff motivated

We have guaranteed places in the top events across the country, from 10K races to marathons to cycling challenges, if you have employees who are looking for a challenge we will work with them to find an event that suits their needs or find a team challenge for a group, we can find them the perfect event!

Create a positive message about your business

Aligning with us will send a positive message and endorse any associated product or service. With any partnerships we like to shout about them and we have several tools we use to do this.

Expert PR support

Our expert PR agency Syvret Media has many years experience working with charities and have been extremely successful in getting us both local and national coverage.

Strong social media presence

We understand the importance of keeping active on social media channels and use various different platforms to engage with our supporters daily. Whether you have employees taking part in fundraising campaigns or want to promote your link to the charity, our social media team will work closely with you to create a message that echoes in all the right places!

Support research, invest in the future

We believe in a future where no one dies of bowel cancer or has to live with a chronic bowel condition. How we achieve this ideal is by investing in cutting edge research.

We're passionate about the projects we support and always keen to promote the work our researchers carry out. If you partner with Bowel & Cancer Research we are happy to arrange tours of any of our projects across the country for all your team, so they can see the positive change they are powering. You can even go one further and lend your business' name to a research project so you can share it proudly with your own employees and clients. 

For more information on how your company could forge a successful and mutually beneficial partnership with Bowel & Cancer Research contact martine

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