A tribute to his best friend, Neil.

When Christian Hose lost his best friend to cancer, aged just 33, he started running.

His aim was to raise money for charity and to pay tribute to Neil ‘Gooders’ Goodman – “one of life’s good people and my best mate”, said Christian.

First came the Amsterdam Marathon in 2017, then Brighton last year.

christian hose paris marathon

This year it’s the Paris marathon on Sunday 14th April when Christian will be supporting Bowel & Cancer Research, Cancer UK and the Myton Hospice in Warwick where an amazing team of nurses cared for Neil in his final weeks.

His friends and family could hardly believe it when Neil, from Leamington Spa, was diagnosed in 2017.

“He went to the doctor with what he thought was a bladder infection and received the diagnosis that shocked everyone. He died just seven weeks later,” said Christian, 35, from Clapham in London.

He left behind not just his many friends but the love of his life, his wife Fern, and his then three-year-old daughter Leggie.

Neil and Christian had met as youngsters in junior football tournaments. When they both went to Durham University, they became best mates.

“Neil was renowned for his leadership qualities. His motivational speeches before big football matches became legendary,” said Christian.

“His ability to lead a group of misfits to become one of the most successful football teams Durham University has ever produced was down mainly to his passion, drive and determination.

Neil was our captain, our best player and, like all great leaders, he always attributed success to other people’s efforts.

"But when defeat or poor performances came knocking he would always take responsibility."

“As well as being an inspirational leader and amazing sportsman Neil was an all-round great person."

"Dignified, honest, fair, brave and hard working."

“Neil was my best friend but I know many others held him in the same regard. The measure of a man is not how long he lives but the lives he touched when he was here.”

Bowel & Cancer Research's Chief Executive Deborah Gilbert thanked Christian for his support:

It is tragic that Neil lost his life at such a young age. Our aim is to ensure that no one should die of bowel cancer in future and we can only do that with the help of our fantastic fundraisers.

If you would like to support Christian, please visit his fundraising page.