In October 2019, our annual Big Bowel Event in London saw researchers and the public coming together to make research better.

What is the Big Bowel Event?

Our Big Bowel Event is an patient and researcher conference, held annually. It is an opportunity for researchers to talk to the public about their projects and make use of their insights as patients, family and friends.

What was on at the Big Bowel Event 2019?

The event was split into two distinct parts, with rapid 5 minute presentations in the morning followed up with longer hour long “round table” discussion sessions in the afternoon.

The morning gives an insight into the research and the opportunity for involvement. The afternoon brings academics and the public together to help to shape the best research.

There was a wide range of projects seeking public involvement on the day. From understanding new polyp screening devices, to considering the role of surgery in disease management, there will be something of interest to anyone living with a bowel condition.

Our speakers represent some of the most innovative teams working in bowel research today.


A big thank you for organising the Big Bowel Event. It was even better than last year. Came home with a headache due to all the information from the fantastic projects we discussed!

Aims of the day

  • Advance the growth of high quality research partnerships through equality in PPI and researcher engagement.
  • Lead the collaboration and networking necessary to establish B&CR as a leader in patient centric conferences.
  • Promote the knowledge and understanding of the range of research undertaken within bowel disease.
  • Build a reputation as a forward looking/innovative format in its own right and provide a showcase of excellence for the charity, enhancing brand reputation.


We received some really positive feedback from the 10 researchers that presented on the day.

 It was a really enjoyable event and a very good opportunity to connect with patients and other researchers, thanks for inviting me.

Dr Peter Mountney discussed developing artificial intelligence software to improve the detection and diagnosis of cancer in gastroenterology and patients were excited by the idea of medical products with AI that could improve pre-cancerous changes in the colon.

Professor Gill Hubbard explored with patients the value of exercise programmes for ostomates and the group were particularly interested in what technologies can help increase physical activity for this specific group of the population.


What makes the Big Bowel Event special?

The answer is YOU! Without people coming along to support our researchers, we can't do great research that meets the needs of patients. The involvement of people who have experience of living with bowel disease is vital. If you'd like to come to our next Big Bowel Event, register your interest below.

Contact our PPI Lead for more details on the Big Bowel Event 2020

With special thanks to Firstco, sponsors of The Big Bowel Event 2019: