Our vision is that no one should die of bowel cancer or have to live with chronic bowel disease. We fund the best research across the country to bring this vision closer.

We are a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities, the membership organisation for leading medical research charities. We support the AMRC's principles for peer review and its position statement on the use of animals in medical research

Our research programmes

In line with our current research strategy we currently support proof-of-principle applications up to £50,000 and PhD studentships up to £75,000.

Proof-of-principle applications should cover a project not lasting more than 12-18 months, unless previously agreed with us. PhD studentship applications should cover 3 years.

Any application should be hypothesis driven and include preliminary data if at all possible.

Through our proof-of-principle funding, we are keen to provide opportunities for early career researchers. For our purposes, an early career researcher is someone who is not yet five years post a doctoral or other research postgraduate qualification.

For our PhD funding, we expect the application to be made by an established academic for a study suitable for a PhD student.

Please take care with lay summaries, which should be readily readable by a person with no scientific background. Here is what a good lay summary looks like.

We strongly recommend that all applicants adhere to the guidance documents for each round which can be downloaded below. These are regularly updated with important inclusion/exclusion criteria and contain information on what must be included in an application.

Bowel & Cancer Research PhD Studentship Grant Application round

Current call document
Application deadline: Sunday 31st May 2020 5pm
Guidelines for submission of applications

Bowel & Cancer Research general terms and conditions for grants.

Coronavirus: Grants update

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