A 31-year-old sports fanatic, who says he ignored stomach pains for nine months like a ‘typical man’, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Andy Godden was plagued by pains for months before he plucked up the courage to visit his GP in November 2016. It was a pain that came and went so he didn’t think it was likely to be anything serious.

But he was diagnosed three weeks later with stage four bowel cancer which has now spread to his lungs and liver.

“I just wrote off the pains and made excuses that I was always too busy to go to the doctor,” he said.

Andy wants to create awareness of the symptoms

If anyone is having any symptoms or feeling unwell, don’t write it off - go and speak to your GP.

“It’s probably nothing but you’d rather find out for sure than get some bad news further down the line.”

After spending a few weeks in hospital Andy has since been undergoing chemotherapy.

He is determined to make the best of the days and months he has left.

“I decided that moping wasn’t going to change anything,” he said. “My general attitude is to get on and do things and live as normal and full a life as possible.

“In a way it’s a strange blessing. I’ve been given notice that I need to make the most of my life.”

Andy lives with his girlfriend Jess and works for Playstation as a Release Manager. He continues to work and play cricket as much as his chemotherapy schedule will allow.

Since his diagnosis, he has put plans in place to tick things off his bucket list.

Andy is a fantastic supporter and advocate for the charity

Andy and Diana after their skydive

One of the first was a skydive with his mum Diana. The pair jumped 15,000 ft from a plane and raised a staggering £9,000 for Bowel & Cancer Research and for the Clatterbridge Centre in Liverpool.

Diana Godden said she and the family are “absolutely in awe of Andy”.

It’s not what happens to you in life that matters, but the way in which you deal with it. There’s been not a single word of bitterness or self-pity and that has given us all strength

He also appears in our BBC Lifeline appeal presented by Dr Ranj. Where Andy and Diana speak emotionally about the need for greater awareness of bowel cancer symptoms and the importance of supporting research.