Patient experience of recurrent rectal cancer

To improve treatment, we need a better understanding of the effect on patients' quality of life when rectal cancer reoccurs. Read more

Modelling genetic differences in bowel cancer tumours

The many genetic differences in bowel cancer tumours from patient to patient make them difficult to treat. Can we deliver a genetic tool to better study these and advance treatment? Read more

New treatment for advanced bowel cancer

Advanced bowel cancer has poor survival rates. This study aims to better understand the mechanisms behind how cancer spreads around the body. Read more

Mutation in the BRAF gene in colorectal cancer

How does the BRAF gene mutation drive the development of colorectal cancer and how can we improve outcomes for these patients? Read more

The role of specific T cells in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The first in depth analysis of resident memory T cells (Trm) and their role in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Read more

Tissue engineering for Ulcerative Colitis

Can healthy tissue be engineered to replace that damaged by Ulcerative Colitis? Read more

Nutrient sensing and obesity

Our new PhD seeks to understand how nutrient sensing changes at a molecular level in obese humans. Read more

Relationship between IBS and EDS

Our new PhD aims to establish the relationship between IBS and EDS in order to improve care. Read more

Understanding responses to therapy in rectal cancer

Our new PhD aims to develop our understanding of why individual patients respond differently to treatment for rectal cancer. Read more

Cell therapies for Hirschprung's

Our new PhD aims to improve treatments for babies born with Hirschprung's, a rare but life threatening bowel condition. Read more

Treating pain in Ulcerative Colitis

Our PhD student Michael Tranter is using insights from our Crohn's pain project to investigate better treatment for pain in Ulcerative Colitis Read more

IBS School

Our PhD student, Valentina Passananti, is supporting people with IBS to find effective ways to self manage their condition. Read more

A role for aspirin after bowel cancer surgery

Our PhD student, Danny Legge, is investigating a possible role for aspirin to improve how patients respond to the treatment they receive after surgery. Read more

Targeting areas of low oxygen in bowel tumours

Our PhD student, Hannah Bolland, is examining areas of tumours that are low in oxygen because these are hard to treat and so more dangerous. Read more

Targeting APC loss to treat bowel cancer

Our PhD student, Hannah Shailes, aims to pinpoint new therapies by researching a mutation in the gene Adenomatis Polyposis Coli (APC). Read more