Diet and living with a stoma

There are no real "dos and don'ts". It's a case of finding out the way in which the bowel adapts to a new way of working. Read more

Diet and IBD

Following a healthy, well balanced diet and understanding what foods are a trigger can help to manage the symptoms of IBD. Read more

Diet and IBS

Finding out what you can eat when you have IBS is not easy but common triggers include dairy, gluten and some fruits and vegetables. Read more

Exercise and life with a stoma

Because you have a stoma, it doesn't mean that you can't pursue a fully active life and enjoy all the health benefits it brings. Read more

Exercise and IBS

Stress is a key trigger of the symptoms of IBS related to the way nerves in the bowel work. Read more

Exercise and bowel cancer

Excess weight around the middle is a leading risk factor for the development of bowel cancer. Exercise can reduce this risk. Read more

Exercise and gut health

Changes to lifestyle are often one of the first recommendations made to help with symptoms of IBD and IBS. Read more

Diet and gut health

Making informed choices about diet can improve both general and gut health, reduce bowel cancer risk and help the symptoms of IBD and IBS. Read more