Ostique's stylish stoma bags

This study is looking to design a range of revolutionary new stoma products.Read more

Decoy bypass

Using nutrients to mimic the effect of bariatric surgery to tackle obesity and type II diabetes.Read more

Improving outcomes after bowel surgery

Can we maintain the health of bowel that is resting after surgery by feeding it?Read more

IBS School

Our PhD student, Valentina Passananti, is supporting people with IBS to find effective ways to self manage their condition.Read more

What is normal bowel function?

We need healthy volunteers for this study which will define the range for normal bowel function.Read more


This study is looking to use technology to bring the power of MRI into the management of chronic conditions such as Crohn's disease.Read more

Exercising with a stoma

No other study has evaluated the benefits of a physical activity intervention specifically for patients with a stoma.Read more


A National Institute for Health Research funded trial to develop an evidence-based pathway for the treatment of chronic constipation in the NHS.Read more