Paul is living proof that we can beat this disease

In 2008 Paul was diagnosed with bowel cancer, now fully recovered, he's passionate about supporting research to help others.Read more

Sharon: surviving bowel cancer

When Sharon Burton suddenly developed chronic stomach pains, she was told it was gastric flu.Read more

Patsy: overcoming faecal incontinence

For two years, faecal incontinence made Patsy Collis’ life a misery.Read more

Abi: living with IBS

Abi developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome in her teens. She is determined to see an end to the “loo taboo”.Read more

Barry: determined to beat Crohn's disease

At the age of 28 Barry had the world at his feet. Within months he was lying in a hospital bed “praying to see tomorrow”.Read more

Carol: tackling bowel cancer

Before her diagnosis Carol could only eat ice cream, jelly and Oxo cubes.Read more

Dee: surviving rectal cancer

Returning home from honeymoon at the age of 29 Dee was diagnosed with rectal cancer.Read more

Emma: living with a prolapsed bowel

For 10 years Emma suffered with constipation, bloating, swelling and crippling stomach pains for which there was no apparent cure.Read more

Ged: overcoming severe pelvic trauma

Ged almost lost his life in a motorbike accident and was left with severe and traumatic damage to his bowel and pelvis.Read more

Ian: overcoming faecal incontinence

From a very early age Ian was made to sit on the loo immediately after breakfast and not allowed out of the house until he’d “been”.Read more

Julia: living with ulcerative colitis

Julia was forging a career as an architect when a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis changed her life.Read more

Kathy: surviving bowel cancer

At the age of 39, Kathy thought she was too young to have bowel cancer – and so did doctors.Read more

Keith: surviving bowel cancer

Keith Rolls was 38 when he was diagnosed with bowel cancer.Read more

Lara: living with Ehler-Danlos Syndrome

At the age of 24 Lara Bloom was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.Read more

Len: one of the first APPEAR patients

Len Durrant 65, was one of the first people in Britain to undergo the groundbreaking APPEAR operation.Read more

Louisa: overcoming problems following childbirth

Louisa suffered years of bowel problems after childbirth. She was told there was no alternative but a colostomy bag for life.Read more

Michelle: I didn’t think young people got bowel cancer

TV producer Michelle Forde was 33 when she was diagnosed with rectal cancer.Read more

Mike: living with functional bowel problems

Mike has undergone six major operations on both his back and bowel in the last 25 years and lives with on-going functional bowel problems.Read more

Nicki: overcoming problems following childbirth

Six months after having her first baby, Nicki James-Eyers ended up with faecal incontinence.Read more

Olive: surviving bowel cancer

Olive Namugalu reckons that Embarrassing Bodies saved her life, helping her recognise the symptoms of bowel cancer.Read more

Tanya: living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Tanya was told that her Inflammatory Bowel Disease might be anorexia.Read more