John Northover was a surgeon at St Mark’s, retiring several years ago.

He graduated from King’s and went on to train at King’s, The Middlesex and St Mark’s.  He worked for his MS thesis in Cape Town, defining the blood supply of the human bile duct in an effect to help resolve the problem of biliary anastomotic breakdown in the early liver transplants at King’s.

When he joined the St Mark’s staff he also became leader of the newly formed ICRF/CRUK Bowel Cancer Unit within St Mark’s.  His main research interests were the aetiology and treatment of anal cancer, bowel cancer screening and the design and management of RCTs in bowel cancer.  He was a member or Chair of multiple national RCTs in adjuvant therapy.  He published almost 200 peer-reviewed papers, multiple chapters and several books for clinicians and the public.

His main clinical interest was multi-organ resection of advanced primary and recurrent rectal cancer, for which he set up a team of surgeons in six surgical specialties, drawn from across London.