Climb the tallest mountain in the world - at home!

Have you ever wanted to climb Mount Everest? Do you like the sound of reaching 8,848m above sea level, the highest point on Earth, at an altitude where humans are not designed to survive and where aeroplanes cruise?

That sounds very dangerous, expensive and difficult to do in line with social distancing.....

But we have a solution – a big challenge for Isolation 2020.

Can you climb the equivalent of Mount Everest in 12 weeks? In this challenge, you can go out to the hills on your daily exercise or simply tackle the stairs a couple of times every day... achieve 8,848m of elevation gain before the end isolation, and this well earned medal can be yours!

Virtual Race - The Everest Challenge

How it works:

1) Sign up for the challenge
2) Complete your challenge and track your activity
3) Upload your evidence by emailing [email protected] on completion
4) Wait for the postman to drop off your medal!

Evidence Submission

Simply take a picture of your fitness tracker, watch or any other tech device which can show you having completed your challenge and send it via email to [email protected] with your name, the name of the challenge you did and our charity name. During isolation they will also accept daily written logs or a picture of you at the end of your challenge with your time and distance written on a piece of paper. 

Will you climb Everest in isolation?

Let us know if you are taking on this fundraising challenge for Bowel & Cancer Research! We'd love to hear from you and provide support.

Contact our fundraising team

We know how tough life is at the moment for everyone so anything you can raise to help support Bowel & Cancer Research will go a long way. Our supporters are targeting £50 to £200 depending on the difficulty of the challenge they undertake but anything you can raise at this time will really help our charity to continue to provide our vital and much needed services.