Insights into cancer progression

This study investigated the role of specific enzyme, TG2, in how bowel cancer grows and spreads within human tissue. This provides a new avenue for therapy development. Read more

Study presented at ISPAH

Our stoma and exercise study, the first of its type, is going to the 2018 ISPAH Conference. Read more

New insights into how cancer develops

Our funding has contributed to a large study which has delivered new insights relating to how cancer develops within humans. Read more

New cancer biomarkers

Researchers are unlocking the relationship between the microbiome and bowel cancer progression. Read more

Cancer study published in Nucleic Acid Research

Edinburgh researchers have shed light on how taking aspirin can help to stave off bowel cancer. Read more

NBRC research in GUT

The NBRC's human tissue laboratory has been central in driving new discoveries about pain in IBD. Read more

Distress in IBD

A new questionnaire has been developed to help doctors understand the impact of distress, as distinct from anxiety or depression, on people living with IBD. Read more

Funding secured for further study

Researchers at Barts Cancer Centre secured more than £1.5m to take forward investigations in the development of bowel cancer from polyps. Read more

Surgical development for rectal cancer

Our funding helped to push forward technical development in surgery for low rectal cancers. Read more