Refreshing melon and king prawn starter

An easy to digest, low FODMAP starter. Read more

Slow cooked turkey, orange and fennel tray bake

The delicious main event for Gifts for your Gut 2018. Full of colour and gut friendly... Read more

Pomegranate brussel sprouts with flaked almonds

Vegetables such as brussel sprouts are full of polyphenols which are favourite foods of our gut bacteria. Read more

Rosemary potatoes and root vegetables

The skins on the potatoes in this side dish are left on to provide more fibre. Read more

Red cabbage sauerkraut with ginger

Sauerkraut is a fermented cabbage. The fermentation process means that it comes with prebiotic bacteria. Read more

Cinnamon pear crumble

A gluten and dairy free high fibre dessert - bring it on! Read more

Sprout hash and poached eggs

A simple and delicious recipe using potatoes and sprouts to ensure none of your Christmas dinner leftovers go to waste. Perfect for brunch or breakfast. Read more

Leftover roast veg and hummus mezzo bowl

A healthy mezzo bowl offering a delicious taste of the Mediterranean on a winter's day. Read more

Turkey pad thai

An easy but satisfying meal for two with leftover turkey and veg from Christmas dinner. Read more