Surgeon Charlie scrubs up for new charity single

All proceeds to Bowel & Cancer Research!Read more

Volunteers sought for "fat pill"

Are you overweight and living in the South East? If so you could help scientists trialling a new "fat pill".Read more

Gut bacteria and bowel cancer

Scientists will alter the makeup of gut bacteria that are suspected of causing bowel cancer.Read more

Meat, me and my planet

Cut down on meat eating for our health and the health of the planet.Read more

Are you getting enough fibre?

As many as 90% of us aren't eating enough dietary fibre.Read more

NHS 10 year plan announced

The NHS announces its long term plan to save half a million lives over the next decade.Read more

Stop adding the nitrites

Adding nitrites to cure meat could be causing up to 6,600 bowel cancer cases every year.Read more

Adding style to stoma bags

Bowel & Cancer Research is supporting designer Stephanie Monty to deliver a new range of stoma bags.Read more

Record number of PhDs

Our November grants rounds saw investment in a record number of new PhDs.Read more