The WEGO Health Awards have been running annually since 2011 and were created to recognise and honour those making a difference in the online health community. The WEGO Health Awards bring patient-centred initiatives to the fore and celebrate their impact on healthcare today and in the future. 

We've been nominated for a WEGO Health Award

We've long recognised the importance of putting patients and their families at the heart of what we do as a charity. We fund the best research across the UK with an emphasis on delivering tangible outcomes for people who are diagnosed with bowel cancer or bowel disease.

We also recognise that changing lives is also about constantly challenging enduring myths and taboos and supporting individuals living with bowel disease to speak up and be heard about how living with chronic conditions impacts their day to day lives.

So, as well as investing in research, we invest in projects to better understand the extent of "hidden" conditions such as consipation and incontinence. In fact our 2017 Big Bowel Survey was the the biggest study of its type, with over 2,200 individuals taking part and highlighting a concerning reliance on over the counter laxatives from 55% of those responding.

Our April I've Got Guts campaign was supported by celebrities and online influencers. I've Got Guts celebrates the courage of individuals who live with bowel disease and we use the campaign to make the public aware of what it means to live with a diagnosis of bowel cancer or chronic bowel disease. The media reach of the campaign across social and print channels was more than 5 million.

Take PaRT in research

We're passionate about involving the public in research and believe that doing this well improves the research that is being done and thereby generates better outcomes.

Patients and public always offer unique and invaluable insights so that bowel research is enriched by involving those that it aims to help

Lesley Booth, MBE PPI Lead

We have developed a membership of more than 400 individuals interested in research who are involved in our People and Research Together programme. We support individuals to get involved in a wide variety of research studies and every year showcase many of these at our Big Bowel Event.