Support Bowel & Cancer Research in the My Favourite Voucher Codes Charity Poll This January!

From scientific research to support those living with chronic bowel conditions, our mission at Bowel & Cancer Research is a day where no one dies from bowel cancer or has to live with chronic bowel disease.

Thanks to our supporters, we’re able to invest in life saving research that works towards treatments and learning more about bowel cancer and chronic bowel disease, which is why for the month of January, we’ve teamed up with My Favourite Voucher Codes for their monthly charity poll!

Who Are My Favourite Voucher Codes? 

Going a step further than your average voucher code website, My Favourite Voucher Codes help to raise money for good causes while helping their users save money. Since 2012, they have raised over £57,000 for over 150 charities, including Cancer Research UK, Children in Need and the Samaritans.

They do this by donating 20% of their profits to a different cause each month, and the organisation that wins the donation is decided through their charity poll. 

So how is the money raised? My Favourite Voucher Codes is home to deals and offers from thousands of your favourite retailers, and each time you use one of their codes they make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

At the end of the month, the winning charity receives 20% of the month’s profits - so more codes used, the more money raised!

How Does the Charity Poll Work?

This month, Bowel & Cancer Research is one of three charities who will be competing to win the donation. Each charity promotes the poll via social media, on site promotion and general word of mouth, and visitors to My Favourite Voucher Codes are able to cast their votes for free.

At the end of the month, the charity with the most votes will win 20% of the site’s profits! There is no need to use any codes or sign up for anything to register your vote, however any codes used will contribute to the final amount that’s donated. 

How Can I Support Bowel & Cancer Research?

From the 1st of January, simply head over to My Favourite Voucher Codes where you’ll find the poll on the right hand side. Select Bowel & Cancer Research and click the red button to cast your vote, and you’re done!

You can even share the poll with your friends and family to get them to vote too! Remember, while you don’t have to use any codes to make your vote count, any that you do use will go towards the winning charity’s donation, so take a look at the codes on offer if you have any shopping to do!

The poll is running right up until the 31st January so you have plenty of time to get voting.

Cast your vote for Bowel & Cancer Research today and help us continue to fund life saving research! Thank you.