New blood test will detect various forms of cancer

We're always excited to shout about news on new research and John Hopkins University have just published a report in the journal Science that is worth shouting about. The test known as CancerSEEK, has been proven to diagnose cancer in various parts of the body.

A big step forward for early detection

Cancer is always more treatable the earlier it is detected and the hope is that this test will mean that tumours are detected at a stage when they can be surgically removed more easily. With CancerSEEK, the hope is that this test can be used to diagnose cancer cells in any part of body in an annual examination along with other practices attributed to a standard health check.

I think this can have an enormous impact on cancer mortality.

Dr Cristian Tomasetti, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Bowel cancer is one of the most easily treated of all cancers if caught early, yet it remains the 2nd biggest killer because of difficulties with diagnosis. With this 'universal test', the hope is that it will become common place with any health check.

Lets stop cancer

Next steps for the study

So far the study has proven to recognise various forms of cancer in the body once the cancer has already been identified by standard means of testing.

The researchers are now looking to use the test on individuals who have not yet had a cancer diagnosis. If CancerSEEK proves successful identifying cancerous cells circulating in the blood before rapid growth has taken place, this could revolutionise cancer treatment, making interventions earlier and more effective.

Great news for the start of 2018, we wish them all the best with this incredible piece of work.