Tanya's story

My name is Tanya, I’m 26 and live in London with my husband Dan and our new puppy, Lola! I have suffered with bowel disease since I was about 12 following glandular fever. Initially, the bouts of unglamorous symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and frequent trips to the toilet only bothered me every now and then.

Eventually my symptoms became so severe that it took control of my daily life, and hospital admissions and procedures became the norm. At 19 I was at my worst and was in hospital for 3 months, unable to eat, barely able to walk, crippled in pain and connected to various tubes. I am glad to say that those days are over (almost!).  After years of being diagnosed with a functional gut disorder, I have now been diagnosed with IBD.

Tanya Cohen - IBD sufferer IGG champion

Why I'm supporting I've Got Guts

I have chosen to support the I’ve Got Guts campaign as this aims at putting a stop to the poo taboo! We all have guts, so why are we so embarrassed to discuss what happens behind closed doors? 

Removing the stigma which come with bowel disease, we hope to encourage individuals who suffer in silence to get checked, and in certain cases, this could be a life saver. 

Professor Qasim Aziz who has helped me get to where I am today, is heavily involved in conducting studies for Bowel & Cancer Research. This unique charity funds extensive research into IBD, bowel cancer, IBS and rare gut disorders. I want to support him and his team to make research happen, so that cures for these debilitating conditions can be found – I am confident that with the support and funds, they will get there!