I have not updated my blog since 1st of March and to be honest it has been crazy for everyone since the lockdown. I will keep this blog brief as I am sure it's the last thing on everyone's mind to read this.

On 13th March, LLHM organisers announced that the race would be cancelled with no new proposed date yet (as of 17/04/2020). I felt rock bottom when I heard the news - I had done all my training since NYE and it would have been at the right time to do the HM race for me! 

I completed my first half marathon ever on Sunday 22nd March and it took me 2 hours 18 minutes and it gave me a great sense of achievement and a much more positive attitude to the running. I knew then my hard training had paid in at the end, and it shows that anyone can do the half marathon but building up gradually is the most important thing also learning what kind of fuel you need to have before the run as everybody is different, that includes to rehydrate your body days before the race especially the night before.

I got an email from LLHM organisers to say there was another option which was to do the LOCAL Landmarks Challenge. I thought that was a brilliant idea and kept me motivated. The Local Landmarks Challenge is a solo, run around my local landmarks and the first time I did the half marathon run was the day before the lockdown started. On Sunday 22nd March, I did the local landmarks challenge run wearing the London Landmarks T-shirt that I got in the post - it's a lovely bright yellow top and very much the sunshine colour. I have attached one photo as there would be too many to show on this blog however you can see the others on the Bowel & Cancer Research Facebook page.

I  repeated the Local  Landmarks challenge run again on the following Sunday 29th March what would have been my London Landmarks HM race day. It was a bit strange doing it on my own and it was absolutely freezing on that day: it was snowing a bit at the time - a far cry from today's weather! I waited outside Pudsey Civic Hall for about 5 mins (freezing!) before I could set off at the race actual time at 09:56. Also, I wore the special charity vest too.

I am no expert to do the selfies either, so the pictures aren't the best as I had no glasses on. (It would be too much of an effort to take the glasses with me). Again, I was pleased with myself having completed at 2hours 21 minutes, very similar to the week before. You may see more photos on the Bowel & Cancer Research Facebook page.  A proud achievement for me and for a great cause - the Bowel & Cancer Research charity. I am hoping to raise more too for the charity - please donate as much as you can. Also, visit their social media with lots of useful information and if you want to take part in any fundraising event - as its importance for the Bowel research.

From my last blog, before the lockdown, I have continued my training with a once a week run to work as well as running back home from work- it's about 5.5 miles each way. Attended my weekly runs at Farsley Flyers running club also my ParkRuns, and my weekly Sunday long run training.

Since the lockdown I am not able to run to work or attend my running club and Parkruns which I miss very much- I found that very difficult mentally that all this has stopped ​because of the lockdown and at that point I decided that I would continue to run daily as part of my one a day exercise to help me to keep my running flowing as I did not want to waste my training for nothing. I was very pleased when I did the Local Landmarks Challenge and I look forward to when the medal comes in the post soon. No doubt I will show it on the next blog.👍

Please stay safe x