Mon 17th Feb- we have a social running club which we call the Monday club but I don’t often go because it’s too much of a rush when I get home from work or usually give a good excuse to not go. Anyway, I texted my friend Adele to say it was too cold to run (freezing night then) and she replied saying we will soon get warm and you will feel much better afterwards. Hey, I did it – ran 8K (5 miles) and felt my cheeks were rosy with the crispy cold air night. I felt better than my Sunday run so feeling more positive. It’s amazing how the mind works, it’s so easy to stay at home and all you need is that a little push for yourself and you feel 100 times better afterwards.

Wed 13th Feb- I ran to work with Eleni and managed to run back home myself so was all was good there-keeping the positive vibes in.

Thurs 14th Feb was my Flyers night and still increasing my distance to run to the Flyers base and did the run with Group 4 ( I felt that I was starting to run a bit faster and at the same time thinking, not to injure myself too!) and I ran back home again too. I felt good for not taking my car out for that short distance.

Saturday -was the usual Parkrun but it rained heavily the night before and purposely I chose Woodhouse Moor as it is all paths and no grass. There were over 565 runners and it was our Flyers Parkrun of the month, so there were lots from the club there.  We do a Parkrun at a different location each month for a bit of fun, to socialise & meet, and we get points too in the Farsley Flyers Parkrun Championship which will be awarded at the end of the year.

Sunday 23rd Feb- I am always dreading  the Sunday morning run - it’s one that I do not look forward to as it’s my longest run of the week!! However, as you can guess I did not make my goal. I had to stop running after 11K, despite a strong start: I had difficulty opening my energy gel as my hands were cold and then pretty much afterwards I lost all my motivation. I ended up walking back home, probably about 3 miles, in the freezing weather (windy) as I had no bus fare or my mobile to call for help! I was thinking I sure do need a personal trainer to motivate me! (Felt rubbish for the rest of the day)

With no running to work in the week, I decided that Thursday and each day over the weekend I would do long running except for the Saturday Parkrun.

Thursday 27th Feb – I did kind of a new route to prevent my boredom and it was great running through a park that I live quite nearby and that actually I have never been inside (Bradford Moor Park) so it was a nice change. I did 9K in 56 mins at a steady pace so felt really good.

Thursday night was my usual Flyers session - I jogged down and doing my usual Group 4 and I didn’t realise it was a fast pace averaging 5.58mins /km, compared to my comfort pace at 6.30 /km. Boy, I was a bit worn out and I ran home too. So 20K was completed on the day- very happy with that.

Fri 28th Feb- was aiming for another 20K run so in the morning I ran locally near my home on a short loop and must have run round at least 7 times and then did the 8K after travelling down to Swindon for the weekend. We were staying in a hotel on a big industrial/office site and I ran around all the car park, but I hadn’t realised one of the car parks I went into was private. Halfway across I saw two men approaching me and waited for me to stop: the security guard told me it was a private car park and I wasn’t allowed on the premises. I felt my face go red so I just had to apologise and ran quickly out as I could. The GPS trace of the run on Strava was a work of art, a bit like a Spirograph.

Sat 29th Feb, a tourism parkrun for me at Swindon and I love doing the tourism bits. Unfortunately, the run at Seven Fields was on the alternative course on paths rather than through the nature reserve due to the mud on the fields.

We got lucky with the weather as it stopped raining just before I went to the start line and started again just as we got into the car to leave. It was absolutely great -the atmosphere was fantastic.

Sun 1st March, I woke up with the same thoughts in my head, but determined that I would do a 10 mile run. After my breakfast, I went back to bed for an hour then I started my run. I took it steady at the start and went back out to a park I knew at Swindon – I ran around the beautiful park and kept it steady even though the wind was wild too. I kept thinking I must not be late back for the party we were there for and was determined to do the 10 miles.

I did it on my own in 1h 56m so was very happy with that. I did not use any energy gels or sweets but had my breakfast 1 hour before-I had no stitch either, so perhaps that steady pace helped? The average pace was 7.09 /Km. My question now is was I running too fast before or did I not have enough fuel in me before? I am not a big eater myself, many people have describe me thin but I have to be honest, it’s in the family genes but since my training more people have said I have lost weight which I must be honest, I have.

Thinking overall, talking to a few people I am now eating more carbohydrates- it’s difficult, as am not a sweet fan, nor eat starchy foods. I have changed my diet since last Wednesday. I do feel stronger, if I am honest. ( Not a thing to mention in this post really, my bowel have changed-its interesting as am not eating as much fibre at the moment) I am learning every day – please take time to familiarise yourself with using this website -there are loads of interesting things to read and learn! It will help you to understand what to look out for. 😊

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