31 year old Andy from Toxteth in Liverpool was diagnosed with stage IV bowel cancer in November 2016. By the time it was diagnosed it had spread to his lungs and liver. Survival rates for late bowel cancer are very poor and decline dramatically from 90% with early diagnosis to just 6%.

Andy dismissed the early symptoms of the disease, which can include chronic abdominal pain, bleeding from the bottom and a change in bowel habits, finally going to the GP at the insistence of his mum and girlfriend. The first few weeks following his diagnosis the family were in shock.

He is currently undergoing treatment and is determined not to sit around and mope. To find something on which to focus during a time when the family feel so powerless, Andy and his mum did a skydive together in September. They wanted to do something memorable and to raise money for research into the disease so that in future other families won’t have to share their experience.  

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