Cancers linked to obesity and weight issues are on the rise

In a previous blog entry we discussed how Millennials have become 'the most overweight generation' and touched on the various health implications that this brings. Now a recent study from Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has evidenced that an increase in cancer linked to weight.

The study showed that whilst smoking was this still the number 1 cause of cancer, the ratio of smoking related cancers is going down. In comparison being obese or overweight is growing and has now become the 2nd biggest cause of all cancers.

The study showed that obesity was responsible for 6.5% of cancer diagnoses, a rise of 1.5% from 7 years ago and suggested that as many 2,500 cancer diagnoses would be preventable if people made changes to their lifestyles (diet and exercise).

New regulation relating to how cigarettes are marketed, and smoking in public places together with better education on the impact of smoking has seen positive steps forward in recent years. In contrast, the regulations surrounding the marketing of junk/fast food and education on the real impact of an unhealthy diet remains underfunded and hasn't received the necessary level of attention from government.

Why a balanced lifestyle is so important 

Along with other health issues such as heart disease, diabetes even mental health problems, this study reflects the significance of maintaining a healthy diet. We recognise the importance of creating awareness surrounding diet and have worked on several different projects to promote healthy eating. Our Festive Gut campaign, provided advice and recipes for the festive period (traditionally a period of overindulgence) and we continue to work with our ambassadors and supporters to create accurate and informative content and campaigns to support positive lifestyle choices.

Importantly, Bowel & Cancer Research is also funding research into obesity with an aim to help people who find it difficult to manage their appetite.


*Statistics taken from CRUK report.