Another challenge in memory of mum

He has been a fundraising champ taking on various different challenges for the charity and he isn't done yet!

Nick is preparing to push himself to achieve something on a more all-consuming and physically punishing level - the Whistler Ironman.

Once again, his aim is to raise money for both the hospice which cared for his mum, and Bowel & Cancer Research to continue our research in bowel disease including bowel cancer.

Fiona Leloup spent two stints at the North London Hospice before she lost her 12-year battle with bowel cancer at the age of 51. During her last months in 2011, the hospice also cared for her at her home in North London.

“The common misconception is that a hospice is a place to go for older patients perhaps, who lack family or other supportive people in their lives, to spend their last days. It is however, much more and plays a far more wide-reaching role – it provides a life, happiness and hope for those who may be struggling to find any, regardless of their prognosis,” said Nick, 27, who now lives in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

“It provides comfort, not just in the medical sense, but with a fantastic team of nurses, doctors and volunteers, it provides the emotional support that makes illness at least a degree more bearable.”

Nick is ready to push his body to the limit

The British Columbia Ironman course on July 29, 2018 involves swimming 2.25 miles in Alta Lake in Whistler, cycling 112 miles up to the Callaghan Valley and through to the town of Pemberton BC, before returning to Whistler where the marathon begins – all to be completed within a cut-off time of 17 hours.

He is training with the aim of finishing in a significantly shorter time but says: “The time will work itself out – it’s about completing it on one piece.”

Nick knows that it is a huge undertaking, requiring months of physical preparation for a novice moving from strength to endurance training.

“It also demands a sizeable financial investment but I’ll be covering all these costs myself, so all money raised will make an immediate difference where it should,” he said.  

“The effects of your donations are strikingly visible in a place that provides a light during many people’s darkest hour.”

Nick on a previous challenge climbing Mont Blanc

Our Chief Executive Deborah Gilbert, thanked Nick for his continuing support.

“We’re hugely grateful that Nick has again chosen to support us in yet another punishing endeavour. Our aim is to make sure no one dies of bowel cancer in future and we can only achieve that with the support of fantastic fundraisers like him,”

Anyone who wants to support Nick can do so at  And if you want to follow his progress, his blog is at