New life sciences industrial strategy reflects importance of research for UK economy

Today the government releases its new Life Sciences Industrial Strategy. The Strategy aims to establish the UK as the leading authority within the Life Sciences and reveals how investing in research can drive forward the economy. We are really pleased that it recognises that charities such as B&CR that invest in early stage research lever huge sums in follow up investment, to the tune of around £500M. We can only do this because of the generosity of people who raise the money for us to invest and we believe it’s vital that you all know just how much extra money we can lever through all the wonderful activity you do – you make this happen – Thank You.

Charity funding of research, stimulates further investment

We now ask the Government to ensure that, in developing the sector deal for the life sciences, they continue to recognise medical research charities as a vital partner. By working together we can realise our shared ambitions to achieve transformative out comes for patients

Aisling Burnand MBE, Chief Exec, AMRC

If you want to know more, our membership body, the Association of Medical Research Charities, has published an article on their website all about the new Strategy.