Firstly, I would like to introduce myself – my name is Charles Knowles, I’m Professor of Surgery at Queen Mary University London, Consultant Surgeon and a Trustee of Bowel & Cancer Research.

I’ve been working on the front line of the NHS and witnessed first hand the devastating effects that COVID-19 has swept through our healthcare system.

The facts and figures are all very apparent and I’m sure you are well aware of the massive impact that the pandemic is having on every sector of society.

People with bowel cancer and other important bowel diseases need our help more than ever. Screening programmes were suspended, planned surgery is being delayed and access to therapy restricted. It is a truly testing time and our work will be needed now, more crucially than ever before. 

I’m asking you today if you would consider making a donation to support us.

Like many charities we are forecasting large reductions in our income for 2020 due to many fundraising activities being cancelled. We have taken measures to help try and protect ourselves, such as furloughing staff and unfortunately having to postpone our grants programme for the time being.

High quality evidence is desperately required to help medical professionals navigate the changing landscape safely on behalf of patients. Our research will help to generate this and in turn ease the situation we find ourselves in.

Your donation will help us achieve this and will go directly to fund research.

During the pandemic we have released some funds to support a global project tackling the impact of Coronavirus on the NHS front line. CovidSurg has established a platform of studies to help understand the role of surgery both during and after COVID-19.

The outputs already achieved through this project, published in the Lancet, have proved immediately useful for patients with bowel diseases and needing bowel surgery. We expect the results to directly impact NHS policy and are in communication with NHS-England to diseminate the guidelines.  

Bowel & Cancer Research remain ambitious to realise our vision of a future where no one dies of bowel cancer or has to live with chronic bowel disease.

Our goal is to save and change lives by advancing medical research. We do this through funding the best new ideas in scientific research across the UK, and investing in our future generation of bowel research experts through a dedicated PhD studentship programme.

Your donation will help not only in alleviating some of the challenges of COVID-19 but also helping us realise our vision on behalf of the patients we work for.

I thank you most sincerely for considering our appeal and wish you and your family all the best in these very challenging times.

Yours sincerely,

Prof Charles Knowles

Bowel & Cancer Research Trustee

Professor of Surgery at Queen Mary University London and Consultant Surgeon


P.S You may well have seen our news that we have merged with another charity, Bowel Disease Research Foundation – we look forward to keeping you posted on the launch of our new charity in the coming months.