Bowel Buddies will offer support where needed.

Bowel Buddies is an innovative new programme that we are creating to offer support to those who need it most. Bowel Buddies will be volunteers, who will be available for people newly diagnosed with chronic bowel disease or bowel cancer. We will run a special selection and training programme to enable bowel buddies to provide support. A buddy is not there to pass judgement on the individual condition, will not give advice or guidance and will definitely not give medical advice.

The Buddy will stand alongside the newly diagnosed individual supporting them by empathetic listening and enabling the newly diagnosed patient to share their thoughts and feelings. The buddy may have experience of a bowel condition themselves, but this is not the primary requirement.

The project will also be assessed as research.

We would also like to evaluate our Bowel Buddy project as a piece of research to see if it might help in a measurable way with the well-being of the patient and how they cope with their condition. The aim is to establish Bowel & Cancer Research’s approach as the gold standard for a patient-centered support scheme.

With your input we can better understand how to best help.

We are asking those who live with bowel disease or bowel cancer to fill out our survey on Bowel Buddies, so that we can understand how the challenges of living with a bowel condition can be alleviated by this programme. The survey is only 4 minutes long and you will have an important impact on this brand new initiative.

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