Collaborations help us progress

We’re proud to support research into bowel disease at excellent institutions across the UK. From bowel cancer at the University of Bristol all the way to exercising with a stoma the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland, we fund the best science UK-wide. Many of our projects feature collaborations between and within institutions, realising that the sharing of knowledge and skills is vital to aid progress.

Scotland and Cuba

One of our projects has reached out further afield than the green isles of Great Britain for collaboration. Dr Lesley Stark of Edinburgh University whose team are looking at the role of a protein known as COMMD1 in bowel cancer, approached the Centre of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Cuba, to see if their new drug CIGB-552 could help target the protein and find a new means of bowel cancer therapy.

Visiting the Centre of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Cuba

At the end of last year, I visited this unique country on a family holiday (the budget at Bowel & Cancer Research certainly doesn’t stretch this far!) and wanted to seek out the team at centre in Cuba, to better understand the relationship with Dr Stark’s project and see how medical research works in a socialist country. Things did not get off to a smooth start, when the letter of authorisation came through from the centre I was curious to note that an applicaiton  

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