"I am really pleased to be presenting the appeal for Bowel & Cancer Research.

As a medical doctor I am aware of the devastating effects of bowel cancer and bowel disease on those who live with them, their families and friends.

I am also a passionate believer that we will see real improvements in how we diagnose and treat these diseases by advancing medical research.

People are surviving bowel cancer who wouldn’t have if they had been diagnosed 20 years ago. The improvement in treatments for chronic conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and even constipation have made people’s lives better.

But we’re really just beginning, and so much more needs to be done so that people don’t need to fear a diagnosis of bowel cancer or bowel disease.

Bowel & Cancer Research has contributed so much over more than 25 years and can do so much with your support."

In 2017, along with Tanya and several of our other supporters and some celeb friends, Dr Ranj helped us launch our inaugural I've Got Guts campaign, to shine a light on the courage of the thousands of people who live with bowel conditions.

Please support our research and donate