Time for the chop - Conor’s lengthy locks just had to go

He started growing his hair for a bet 20 years ago – and never stopped.

Now Conor Mullan has taken the scissors to his wavy, waist-length locks - and raised more than £1,500 for Bowel & Cancer Research.

The decision to go for the chop came about because several of Conor’s friends and relatives have suffered from bowel disease and bowel cancer.

“Bowel diseases are far more common than people think,” said the 37-year-old sound engineer from Levenshulme in Manchester.

A lot of sufferers still manage to work through their day-to-day lives with the outside world oblivious to their illness and the huge personal life changes that take place.

“Other sufferers, sadly, don't make it that far. Mis-diagnoses are rife and a lack of medical understanding has led to terrible consequences for many.”

The big chop took place at a rock concert at Night People in Princess St, Manchester.

Friend and band frontwoman of Rews, Shauna Tohill, took the scissors to Conor’s pony tail whilst the crowd cheered and drums rolled.

“Everyone was into it,” said Conor.  “All the phones came out and they all loved it. Lots of people gave me donations – they were very generous.”

Conor is sending his 3ft pony tail to the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children who lose their hair as a result of cancer and other diseases.

“My head feels very light all of a sudden,” he said.

It’ll take a bit of getting used to - every time I put a jumper on I keep trying to pull out my pony tail.

Conor began to grow his hair when he and two schoolfriends made a bet: the first to cut his hair would pay the other two £5. “They both gave up within a month but I just kept going,” said Conor.

A spokesperson for Bowel & Cancer Reseach thanked Conor for his support.

“Our mission is to ensure that no one should die of bowel cancer or live with the burden of bowel disease and we can only do that with the help of our fantastic fundraisers,” she said.

Anyone who wants to support Conor can do so at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/conor-mullan2