What is the Big Blue Thank You?

The Big Blue Thank You is a worldwide movement which anyone can join for free from Sunday 5th July, with the aim of saying thank you to our key workers, donating to supporting organisations and getting people active.

How can I get involved in the Big Blue Thank You?

The concept is simple. We'd like to encourage everyone to complete an activity of their choice, to make a donation to Bowel & Cancer Research, and to share on their social media channels using the hashtag #bigbluethankyou to spread the word and get as many of their friends & family involved as possible.

People of all ages can take part and say a Big Blue Thank You.

The options are endless for which activity you'd like to take part in - from walking, running, cycling, to yoga and even simply cleaning the house. Whatever you’d like to do to say Thank You.

When does the Big Blue Thank You take place?

Anyone can join the Big Blue Thank You for free from Sunday 5th July, on this day you’ll be able to sign up at www.bigbluethankyou.com.

You can complete your chosen activity whenever you like, it doesn’t need to be on the 5th, it’s whenever suits you. Just make sure you share on your social media networks when you complete your activity, use the hashtag #bigbluethankyou & encourage others to get involved too!

Say thank you

Raise money for Bowel & Cancer Research

Get active

Let’s do something positive together #bigbluethankyou 💙

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