Ali tackles 10-mile run as a tribute to her courageous husband

It was the worst day of their lives when Ali and Owen Thomas were told that Owen had terminal bowel cancer.

He is only 34 years old. And the couple, with their three-year-old son, had everything to live for.

Now Owen is having chemotherapy and the family, from Horndean, have decided to live life to the full.

Ali, 33, is also planning to take part in the Great South Run on October 22, she and Owen chose to support our work, to help make sure that no one should die of cancer in future.

When they told us Owen had Stage 4 incurable cancer it was like ripping the carpet from beneath us

“But we realised that life is too short to be unhappy and we set about making sure the time we all have together is as happy and memorable as we can make it.”

Ali is training for the Great South Run, a 10-mile event around Southsea, with her running club, the Denmead Striders. She also gets encouragement from Owen who did the race with her in 2010; and their dogs Kiba and Ashi are good companions.

“Owen’s chemo should finish on October 13, so training gives me some head space and another goal to aim for, although we’re aware that it doesn’t stop when the chemo ends,” said Ali.

Owen, a fire alarm engineer in Horndean, began to feel ill last autumn. He had always been fit and healthy, ran marathons and played rugby for Portsmouth RFC.