Abi's story

My name is Abi, I am 25 years old and live with a bowel condition. This causes me to have embarrassing accidents combined with pain and sickness, I also struggle with chronic fatigue. I have learnt over the years how to manage my life on a daily basis as best I can.

I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 18 years old and have suffered with Lymes disease since 20 years old. My recent admission was for infectious colitis. I found this hard to deal with as I was in constant pain, dehydrated and it was something new that I hadn’t dealt with before.

There is a lot of stigma surrounding the toilet and therefore it’s hard to explain to people what you are living with, without feeling judged.

Not everyone with an inflammatory bowel disease or stomach condition looks physically unwell, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t suffering inside.

Olivia Buckland, Abi Lauder and Alex Bowen showing their support

Why I'm supporting I’ve Got Guts

I am supporting the I’ve Got Guts campaign to raise awareness for bowel conditions so other people don’t feel alone or embarrassed. Bowel & Cancer Research is a fantastic charity. It offers a support network – they understand how I feel and what I live with on a daily basis.

I have met some incredibly special people that suffer everyday and they inspire me to help others by talking openly about my condition.

They also raise awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases which a lot of people have little understanding about. They are constantly funding the best research and the brightest talent all over the UK to find answers. Let’s end the toilet taboo!